Xstrahl is the leading designer and manufacturer of
X-ray therapy systems for use in cancer and
dermatology treatment as well as radiation biology

- Laser systems for virtual simulation CT
- Room Lasers
- Laser Control Systems
- Quality assurance (QA)

- Identify
- Careonline

- Electromagnetic positioning system
- Real time prostate tracking
- Varian interface released
- In situ dosimetry enables IMRT and arc therapy dose verification

- Software solution for automated quality assurance
- Software platform for multimodality imaging, contouring and evaluation in Radiotherapy
- Exhaustive contouring evaluation solution

Low-level-laser therapy for
Radiotherapy and Oncology

- Mucositis treatment
- Wound treatment
- Pain therapy

Respiratory Gating System
- Anzai Belt
- Interface with Linac, CT, PET-CT
- Wave monitor for patient
- Additional laser sensor