Adept, Starsystem
A combination of the STARBoard, STARSupport and STARTable, the STARSystem is a complete, clinically engineered solution for radial access procedures.     More products by Adept Medical  
RaySafe 452
452, title
The RaySafe 452 is a powerful survey meter that measures ionizing radiation in a wide variety of applications, including finding spilled isotopes, and measuring scattered radiation from X-ray machines and linear accelerators.   Typical applications X-ray tube leakage X-ray wall leakage Scattered room radiation Contamination measurements Environmental radiation Non-destructive...
RaySafe i3
RaySafe i3 is an active dosimetry system that gives real-time insight about personal radiation exposure, as well as access to time stamped dose data. By providing easily accessible information about radiation exposure, RaySafe i3 allows medical staff to immediately change their behavior in order to minimize their radiation dose.  ...
RaySafe X2 Solo
X2 Solo 1
RaySafe X2 Solo – Designed for specific needs   RaySafe X2 Solo is a new product line from RaySafe that covers the measurement needs of your specific X-ray modalities. It’s based on the same technology as RaySafe X2.   Key Features of the X2 Solo LARGE TOUCH SCREEN FULL...
RaySafe X2
At your fingertips We’ve grown accustomed to intuitive interactions with our devices. After all, it’s not the device that’s most important, but what you can achieve with it that matters. Simplicity has always been a hallmark for Unfors RaySafe. But simplicity on the outside requires a lot of work...
RaySafe Xi
Meet the family! The RaySafe Xi is a complete system for multiparameter measurements on all X-ray modalities. It simultaneously measures everything from kVp and dose to HVL and waveforms. It is preferred by leading experts from all over the world. Invest just a few seconds of your life in...
RaySafe Solo
Leading precision designed for specific needs The RaySafe Solo is designed for specific X-ray modalities where it provides the user with essential features combined with leading precision. While the RaySafe Solo shares the core technology from the market leader RaySafe Xi, it has been adapted to fit a defined...
RaySafe DXR+
The RaySafe DXR+, Direct X-ray Ruler, represents the latest in today’s technology for alignment of the light and radiation field. The RaySafe DXR+ is extremely easy to use as it is powered on by simply exposing the meter. Features include auto reset and auto power off. There is no...
RaySafe ThinX
An easy tool for fast results RaySafe ThinX has been optimized to meet the need for a basic multi-parameter instrument for simultaneous measurement of dose, dose rate, kVp, HVL, exposure time and pulses. All parameters are conveniently displayed in the large LCD. Fully automatic user interface The main advantage of...