RaySafe i3

RaySafe i3 is an active dosimetry system that gives real-time insight about personal radiation exposure, as well as access to time stamped dose data. By providing easily accessible information about radiation exposure, RaySafe i3 allows medical staff to immediately change their behavior in order to minimize their radiation dose.


Components of the system

  • real-time display
  • 4 dosimeters
  • dosimeter rack
  • dose viewer software
  • mounting material

Additional dosimeters, rack and the dose manager software can be ordered separately.

RaySafe i3 real-time display

The RaySafe i3 real-time display is a 10.4" touch screen which is placed in the examination room. It shows real-time dose data from all dosimeters in range. The color indication (red, yellow, green) gives the individual user insight about the current dose exposure and the possibility to act accordingly. The accumulated dose per individual user is displayed next to the color indication bars.

RaySafe i3 real-time display features

By tapping the dosimeter name on the touch screen you can access more detailed information about the personal dose history:

  • A dose dashboard with total dose history and trip meters
  • Annual personal dose and dose in relation to a configurable yearly limit
  • Detailed views presenting time stamped dose history

RaySafe i3 dosimeter

The active dosimeter measures and records radiation every second. Dose data is transferred wirelessly to the real-time display. The dosimeter is maintenance-free, easy-to-use and can be personalized with different names and colours.

RaySafe i3 dose viewer

The dose viewer software helps  administrating dosimeters and viewing personal dose information.The software allows you to view dose data history, change dosimeter names and reset dose history.

RaySafe i3dose manager

The RaySafe i3 dose manager is an advanced software for analyzing, reporting and archiving dose information. The software handles multiple dosimeters and can retrieve dose information from multiple real-time displays through the hospital network or via USB storage.


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