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Leading precision designed for specific needs

The RaySafe Solo is designed for specific X-ray modalities where it provides the user with essential features combined with leading precision. While the RaySafe Solo shares the core technology from the market leader RaySafe Xi, it has been adapted to fit a defined need.

Because of its intuitive user interface and built-in intelligence, you can rapidly learn how to use the RaySafe Solo. The user will be able to focus on interpreting the measured data instead of focusing on how to obtain data. Ease-of-use saves time, but most importantly, it minimizes the risk of user errors.

Depending on the RaySafe Solo model used, parameters such as kVp, dose, dose rate, pulses, time, mA and mAs are simultaneously measured. Options, such as direct HVL and total filtration measurements and waveform display further enhance the RaySafe Solo experience. With minimal setup time, acquiring your first exposure take less than one minute.


RaySafe Solo model

The RaySafe Solo consists of a detector and a Base Unit for read-out of the measured data. The detector is connected to the Base Unit using a detachable 2 or 10 meter cable. Simply connect the detector and you are ready for measurements. By pressing one of the two buttons on the RaySafe Solo Base Unit, all functions and results can easily be viewed on the three row back-lit alphanumerical display.
Whether your application is dose rate measurements on fluoroscopy or a kVp measurement on DR machines, the RaySafe Solo is capable of handling many user scenarios. From low dose rate measurements up to high dose exposures, one detector ensures high precision regardless of beam quality.


kVp, dose, dose rate, time and pulse measurements on Radiographic and Fluoroscopic X-ray machines.

The RaySafe Solo R/F measures kVp, dose, dose rate, time and pulse simultaneously on
Radiographic and Fluoroscopic X-ray machines. This Solo model is the solution for physicists and others,
when only R/F applications are needed. Optionally, mAs can be added. Simultaneous measurements of
radiation parameters and mAs can be obtained with the detector placed in the radiation field and the
meter connected to the mAs port.

Invasive measurement of tube current.

Invasive mA, mAs, time and pulse measurements on X-ray machines can be performed
with this Solo model. The RaySafe Solo mAs is a simple standalone solution for measuring tube current
from diagnostic X-ray machines.

kVp, dose, dose rate, time and pulse measurements on Radiographic X-ray machines.

When your applications are limited to multiparameter measurements on Radiographic
machines, only this model is the better choice. The RaySafe Solo RAD measures kVp, dose, dose rate, time
and pulse on Radiographic X-ray machines. If the RaySafe Solo PC kit is added, your meter will also
display waveforms on a PC as well as interface to Excel for reporting purposes.

Dose and Dose length product measurements on CT machines.

The RaySafe Solo CT features a hybrid ion chamber designed by Unfors. The ion
chamber and electronics are combined into one unit making it possible to measure both temperature and
to actively compensate for this energy dependency.

The ideal solutions for measurements on a largevariety of mammography machines.

The RaySafe Solo MAM is available in two models: RaySafe Solo MAM and RaySafe Solo
MAM dose. They
are the ideal solutions for measurements on a large variety of mammography machines. Both support the
beam qualities Mo/Mo, Mo/Al, Mo/Rh, Rh/Rh, Rh/Al, W/Rh and W/Ag and measure dose, dose rate, time.
Additionally the RaySafe Solo MAM also includes kV for the beam qualities Mo/Mo and W/Rh.

Leading precision designed for dental X-ray measurements.

The RaySafe Solo DENT simultaneously measures the parameters kVp, dose, dose rate,
pulses and
time. Options such as direct HVL measurements and waveform display, further enhance the RaySafe Solo
In addition, with its minimal setup time, acquiring your first exposure take less than one minute.
• Designed for dental X-ray measurements.
• Measures on intraoral, panoramic and Cone Beam CT.
• Intuitive user interface.
• Leading precision and ease-of-use.
• kVp, dose, rate, pulses and time. HVL and waveforms (optional).

RaySafe Solo DENT - Developed to improve your productivity

RaySafe Solo DENT is built on RaySafe proven solid state sensor and low power technology resulting in a
small and yet high performing dental measurement instrument. The RaySafe Solo DENT provides best in
productivity to its users by:

• the utilization of one detector to capture all X-ray parameters
• the capturing of all parameters in one exposure
• the utilization of Active Compensation
• the Intuitive user interface

Active Compensation means that the multiple solid state sensors and advanced calculations automatically
determine the beam quality, thereby eliminating the need for further corrections of measured kVp and
values. This results in a higher degree of simplicity for the user, requiring no further corrections to
achieve maximum accuracy.

RaySafe Solo DENT - Tailor made for dental measurements

The RaySafe Solo DENT provides you with high precision measurements of all the essential X-ray
parameters on
the dental applications; Cone Beam CT, Panoramic and Intraoral X-ray. RaySafe Solo DENT is designed to
improve your productivity by its intuitive user interface, built-in intelligence, and minimal set-up

Dose, dose rate, time and pulses on Radiographic and Fluoroscopic X-ray machines.

High precision for testing medical monitors

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