The Jaszczak SPECT Phantom provides consistent performance information for any SPECT or PET system. The flangeless PET and SPECT phantoms provide consistent performance information for any PET or High Resolution SPECT system. 2012 NEMA Standards, ideal for whole-body PET. The Hoffman 3-D Brain Phantom provides the anatomically accurate three...
Tec-Control Chromatography Systems
Tec-Control Chromatography Tests the radiochemical purity of specific Tc-99m-labeled radiopharmaceuticals.  
TLC-204 / Thin layer radiochromatograph /TLC-scanner)
A  high performance TLC scanner for rapid and accurate determination of radiochemical purity using thin layer chromatography. Bidirectional scanning automatically compensates for any isotope decay during scanning. The BGO detector provides high stopping power for single photon isotopes such as Tc99m. Gina software provides real time feedback as the...