LETHO Automatic Compact Injector
Letho is a compact radiopharmaceutical injector system for the automatic intravenous infusion of radio drugs or radio tracers. The system allows for the infusion of gamma and beta-emitting molecules in a radiologically safe manner and with maximum control of all critical parametres such as the flow, the amount and...
FEBO Syringes Dispensing System
FEBO is an automatic syringe dispensing  system for safe, accurate and fully automated dose-drawing of radioactive materials into a shielded, standardised 5 ml syringe. The dispenser unit can be operated via any standard PC or Laptop (Windows-based). All materials that hold or transport radioactive fluids during dispensing are disposable...
IRIS is a radiopharmaceutical injector that performs calibrated injections to patients, starting from a multi-dose solution of FDG or other radiopharmaceuticals. The IRIS radiopharmaceutical injector is compact and easy to handle thanks to its innovative design and autonomous battery power.