IBC-Dose Calibrator

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The IBC-Dose Calibrator is a fully digital Dose Calibrator with software read-out. The Ionisation chamber can be directly connected to a standard Windows PC system. Both system read-out and system control are managed by the IBC-LITE software.

The IBC-LITE software offers a friendly and intuitive user interface with complete Dose Calibrator functionality.

The IBC-Dose Calibrator is highly suitable for use within the Radiopharmacy of your Nuclear Medicine department by allowing ergonomic integration in all sorts of safety cabinets.


The optional software module to extend the IBC-LITE software with a database to manage stock and patient information. Patient information can be entered manually or automatically via the DICOM worklist import link with your RIS/PACS system.

The IBC-Dose Calibrator includes:

  • IBC-LITE software
  • Ionisation chamber, model VIK-202
  • Power supply for Ionisation chamber
  • Dipper and well liner
  • Cables and manuals
  • And excludes the Windows PC system.

Features IBC-LITE software:

  • CE marked
  • GAMP-5 validated
  • Built-in isotope list
  • Isotope preset list
  • Suitable for measuring vials and syringes
  • User-definable containers
  • Future dose calculation
  • Quality control tests for the Ionisation chamber
  • Background subtraction
  • Printing user-definable labels
  • Touch screen control.


  • Label printer
  • Dose Calibrator inserts:
  • Molybdenum breakthrough set
  • Copper dipper
  • Extra dipper
  • Extra well liner
  • Fanless mini PC
  • Dipper lift.

Raffael Keusch
+41 79 406 03 87

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