XStrahl 150

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The Xstrahl 150 delivers impressive cosmetic results for superficial skin cancers. The energy range of the Xstrahl 150 means that superficial lesions can be successfully treated – from basal cell carcinoma, keloid scars and dermatological conditions such as psoriasis to other benign plaques.

• The Xstrahl 150 can be floor or ceiling mounted, making it easy to install alongside other equipment and adaptable where space is restricted.
• The range of movement in the treatment arm enables smooth adjustment and easy set up for each treatment field, even in difficult to access regions – and without compromising patient comfort.
• The Xstrahl 150 is supplied with eight open-ended clinical applicators, and a further range of non-standard applicators and filters is also available on request.
• Concerto software, Xstrahl’s clinical interface, provides an intuitive workflow for treatments and creates a unique and detailed clinical record for each patient, including treatment images.
• The physics interface, Fisica, allows for custom configuration based on individual requirements, in addition to allowing calibration and system maintenance.
• The advanced software provides a clinical and physics interface enabling the operator to accurately define patient demographics and treatment parameteres in addition to delivering controlled clinical radiation exposures.

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