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Hand-Foot-Clothing Monitor

The hand-foot-clothing monitors VLB-303-2 and VLB-303-4 are based upon the award winning design of the VLB-202, where a small footprint, a robust stainless steel surface and a detection technology based on failure-safe plastic scintillation detectors are the key features. The plastic scintillation detectors are developed specifically to measure the beta and gamma emitting isotopes that are used in the Nuclear Medicine departments.


VLB model is one of the most economical hand-foot-clothing monitors on the market. It uses two plastic scintillation detectors, one patented double-sided hands detector and one foot detector. The detachable hand detector can also be used to measure the clothes or to determine which foot is contaminated.

Both use and operation of VLB series are simple and highly self-explanatory. The touch screen color LCD display shows instructions and results. All settings are software-based and can be adjusted in an easy to understand menu. A password will block unauthorised access to the menu.

Vera 303 software

VERA 303 Software is an easy-to-use data management software. It iss designed to manage VLB measurements for single users or for a group of users (a department, for example) at one time. VERA 303 Software and Database are stored in a PC connected to the VLB with an Ethernet connection. This PC manages all the VLB data. To work with VERA 303, a RFID reader is mounted on the display of the VLB. Every user (or every group) has a dedicated badge to access the VLB. To start the measurement the user should pass his badge in front of the RFID reader: the system recognizes the user, starts the measurements and stores the data. It is possible to create temporary access for visitors. Those data will be also stored in the VERA Database. With VERA 303 is possible to create reports for risk analysis. Standard reports are:

  • All users in a certain period of time. Alarms and measurements are summarized for each user.
  • All the measurements for a specific user in a certain period of time. All measurements are shown.

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