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IDENTIFY is an automated patient identification and positioning solution with an unparalleled user interface. It provides a safe, transparent & efficient patient-centric workflow, ensuring maximum cooperation between the patient and the therapist. IDENTIFY is a single solution that optimizes the clinical workflow while at the same time increasing treatment quality and mitigating risk. Delivering a unified workflow between imaging and treatment suites, we ensure that the right patient is being treated, in exactly the right location, at exactly the right treatment site and position, with the right accessories and setup. IDENTIFY continuously monitors the patient for movement throughout the entire treatment session.


IDENTIFY key pointsĀ :

  • Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT)
  • Patient Safety & Quality
  • Workflow Efficiency


IDENTIFY Automated Time-Out Workflow

  • Patient Check-In
  • Accesory setup
  • Surface based orthopedic setup in loading position
  • Surface guided positioning at isocenter
  • Surface guided intrafraction motion Management

Yves Buck

Yves Buck
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