IBC Nuclear Medicine

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IBC-Nuclear medicine is a client-server based software environment to manage the daily routines at a Nuclear medicine department.

The software guarantees full traceability from ordering stock to injection of the patient dose.

The software also offers the functionality to implement user definable protocols for a guided and controlled workflow to standardise the preparation process from stock to patient dose.

A fully digital Ionisation chamber can be directly connected to a standard Windows PC system.

Both system readout and system control are managed by the IBC-Nuclear medicine software. Furthermore the software can be interfaced with most Dose Calibrators from other vendors.

The patient and examination information can be booked manually or automatically by using the DICOM work list protocol linked to a RIS/PACS system.

IBC-Nuclear medicine supports the integration with other devices like the TLC system and the FEBO syringe dispenser.
Based on the continuous feedback of the active user group the IBC-Nuclear medicine software is regularly evaluated, updated and its functionality extended. Resulting in a software solution that keeps track with the ongoing changes in regulation and guidelines.

Features IBC-Nuclear medicine:

  • GAMP-5 validated
  • Built in isotope list
  • Multi user environment
  • Stock management
  • Generation of stock order advices
  • Quality control tests for stock: molybdenum breakthrough test, labelling percentage, visual check etc.
  • Quality control tests for the Ionisation chamber: stability, linearity and null effect
  • Barcode scanning for identification of stock and syringes
  • Registration of the injection of the dose
  • Waste management
  • Ordering and booking in of ready-made multi dose vials and/or syringes received from a Central pharmacy
  • Including 3 floating licenses
  • Printing user definable labels
  • Report generator

Raffael Keusch
+41 79 406 03 87