Chromatography & Spectrometry

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A flexible, modular system for scanning and analysing radiopharmaceutical TLC and paper chromatograms and performing gamma spectroscopy. To facilitate the use of the scanner in a GMP / GLP environment, an automatic system suitability test is included, which uses a two-spot Cesium-137 test strip.
Special is the optional half-life measurement on either a separate radioactivity spot or a peak on the chromatography strip. These features enable the determination of radiochemical purity and the confirmation of radionuclide identity and purity in one automated procedure. The system can be configured to fit the specific needs of a lab. A selection of collimators, detectors, strip carriers and software modules is available.

The system can also be extended with a well detector, to carry out simple spectroscopy and classical Nuclear Medicine tests using the optional well counter software. A separate brochure of the well counter system and software (VBS-101) is available.


A PC (running the VCS-203 software) controls the compact scanner, which scans the chromatography strip by moving it underneath the detector. This means that no adjustments or setting changes are needed on the scanner itself. The scanner can move the chromatogram strip at speeds ranging from 1 to 24 centimetres per minute. The scanner’s strip carrier can be removed for decontamination. Two standard strip carriers are provided with the scanner. Optionally they can be made to order, to accommodate specific TLC and/or paper strips. If the two-spot Cesium-137 system suitability test strip is purchased, a special strip carrier is included. If the half-life option (mostly for PET isotopes) is used, a special strip carrier offers a separate area for the half-life sample.


Depending on the intended use, the scanner can be fitted with a low- or high-energy collimator. Mostly this means that the high-energy collimator is selected for PET isotopes, and the low-energy collimator is sufficient for most SPECT isotopes used in Nuclear Medicine. Together with the collimator, the appropriate strip carrier is supplied. The collimators can accommodate 1” diameter detectors.

A wide range of detectors can be connected to the MCA. Depending on the intended use, a 1”x1” NaI(TI) detector, a beta detector or an internally collimated 5 mm wide BGO detector can be used in the chromatogram scanner. Typically the NaI detector is selected for SPECT systems and the BGO detector is selected for PET systems.

THE Multi-Channel ANALYSER
The Multi-Channel Analyser is used to perform the data acquisition and analysis of the detector signal with a resolution of 1024 channels. The power supply and the high voltage needed to operate the detector are also generated by the MCA. The high voltage can be set under software control. The MCA can be used in single channel mode but can also function as a spectrometer. Optionally a second detector (well detector) can be connected to the MCA for spectrometry and sample counting purposes (separate brochure).

The software that comes with the system will run on any modern PC employing Windows as its operating system. It controls the scanner and the MCA operations. The relevant parametres for the various functions can be set by the user (password protected). The data can be printed and stored/retrieved from a database. The resulting curves can be optimised using the graphical controls. The software offers various functions which are important for GMP/GLP compatible analytical chromatography.

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