TLC-204 / Thin layer radiochromatograph /TLC-scanner)

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A  high performance TLC scanner for rapid and accurate determination of radiochemical purity using thin layer chromatography.

Bidirectional scanning automatically compensates for any isotope decay during scanning. The BGO detector provides high stopping power for single photon isotopes such as Tc99m.

Gina software provides real time feedback as the chromatogram builds up and powerful data analysis features.

For gamma-nuclides, we deliver a scintillation probe with a BGO crystal. Due to its density, BGO has quite high stopping power for radiation and a reasonable energy resolution. BGO is mechanically quite stable and non-hydroscopic. Relative small size and special shape crystal enable a very good sensitivity / resolution ratio.

The TLC-scanner offers a calibration and sensitivity check. Inserting a suitable reference standard and running the calibration program will result in an energy spectrum scan and calibration.

The chromatogram is displayed live on the screen of the connected PC. Peak integration and evaluation can be performed manually or automatically.

Main features

  • Extremely high counting rate
  • Manual or automatic peak integration and TLC evaluation
  • Limit of detection calculation

Ronnie Schüepp
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