6150 AD

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Dose Rate Meter

Universal Radiation Meter for measuring photon radiation (Gamma and X-radiation), and for detecting Alpha and Beta radiation if operated with external probes.


  • Detectors: Built-in GM counter and external probes
  • Gets all the benefits from a modern microprocessor: Automatic range selection, smart time constant, digital calibration providing high accuracy, recognises external probes automatically
  • Simultaneously measures current value, average value, and maximum value of dose rate, as well as accumulated dose (non-volatile dose memory provided)
  • Alarm thresholds for both dose and dose rate including one freely programmable threshold each
  • Automatic battery monitoring
  • Approx. 3000 operating hours with a 9 V alkaline battery
  • Robust waterproof aluminium die-cast housing
  • Serial RS232 interface for connection to a PC
  • Energy range : 60 keV – 1,3 MeV

Raffael Keusch
+41 79 406 03 87

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